Smart Living Steam Mop Plus

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Product Overview

The Smart Living Steam Mop!


Steam mops are great for using all round your home, car, boat, RV and Office.

Considred the best selling steam mop because we have combined the strengths of Microfiber with an outstanding steam mop.  Welcome to the last steam mop you will ever want to own.

The  Smart Living Steam Mop Plus uses only continuous high temperature steam (110°C) to clean and sanitize ceramic floor tiles, vinyl and wood laminate floors. 

Smart living is also about thinking sustainably. This green mop removes visible dirt and grease from any hard floor surface including carpet in minutes. Amazing results without the need for toxic chemicals or detergents that damage our planet. Now you can enjoy that piece of mind knowing that your floors are safely sanitized before your children or pets set foot upon them. 

Simply fill with distilled water, attach a reusable microfibre pad, and allow the power of steam to clean virtually any floor surface. 

Let the  Smart Living Steam Mop Plus clean and sanitize your floors with ease!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review