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TheraRayPro Infrared Massager

The THERARAYPRO is an all over heated body Infrared massager built into a small, portable model. The massager has ten Infrared lights that soothes nerves, increases circulation, reduces pain and stress. Infrared rays are nature’s most healing light. The light rays of energy are totally invisible to the naked eye.

This transfer of radiant heat penetrates deep down to the bone to sooth deep tissues, muscles and joints. Three modes to choose from to meet different needs for maximum comfort and result. Use your Infrared Heat Massager to relieve fatique, stress, arthritis and other muscle pains associated with sitting for a long period of time. When using your massager, you can choose to have the heat function ON or OFF by using the top button on the device. The THERARAYPRO is more than just a back massager. You can use on your neck, hips and legs too!

AC & DC Adapter is included.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review