Glitzico Body Glitter Art

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Product Overview

Create beautiful glitter tattoos with Glitzico Body Glitter Art.
Mix and match the stencils to create beautiful designs.

Great for a special night out, parties, birthdays, holidays or any special occasion.

Design glamorous face & body art!

It's easy & fun!

Makes a great gift for any age.* 


Each Glitzico Body Glitter Art package contains:

• 6 Glitter Pots in Silver, Red, Blue, Gold, Green and Hot Pink

• 10 Re-Usable Assorted Stencils/Templates (Butterfly’s, Stars, Flowers And Dolphins)

• Cosmetic Glue

• Small Cosmetic Applicator Brush

• Large Cosmetic Applicator Brush


To remove gently wipe off glitter tattoo with a skin moisturizer.


*Warning: Not suitable for children under 6, unless under adult supervision. Keep away from naked flame. Use only on dry, healthy clean skin.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review