Casada Quattromed III

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Casada Quattromed III (CASA-QIII) 


Kick your shoes off, and sit down for a spell.  We believe you deserve some "ME" time!

The massage goes back to an old tradition. Whether in ancient Greece, in ancient Rome,

in the east, and in European countries – it has always been known to those people about

the regenerative capacity of massage after physical work and stress.


The massage stimulates the nervous system and circulatory system, muscles and organs

are optimally perfused. The body can better detoxify and you feel fresh and powerful. 

We are all familiar with the soothing relaxation of tense muscles by a massage. there

are obvious explanations for these processes inside the muscles, blood vessels and

nerve fibres. In the body, there are two circulatory systems. the bloodstream, starting from

the heart, supplies nutrients to the brain, organs and muscular system, whilst the lymphatic

system ensures that metabolic products, stress and toxins will be washed out of the body.

If the immune system is attacked by infections and viruses, the first thing the doctor does

is to feel the lymph nodes, as these produce defense cells and react to this strain by swelling.

Every massage also stimulates this system, causes the body fluids to move, and thereby

promotes the evacuation of harmful substances and the supply of oxygen and nutrients.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review