Boombox v2 (Color Options May Vary)

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Product Overview

Boombox v2*

Introducing the BoomBox v2. This is a revolutionary new and fun way to play all kinds of audio by turning everyday objects into loud speakers!

Just connect to any playing device such as an iPod, Smartphone, or Latpop to play your favorite audio out loud! Simply attach the sticky speaker unit to virtually any object which can vibrate, then instantly turn that object into a loud speaker.

Small enough to slip into your pocket and is perfect for travelling, camping, backpacking, the beach or can use it anywhere to listen to podcasts, audio books, music and more!

Tell me how the BoomBox v2  magic works!

The BoomBox v2 is transforming sounds from your listening device into a vibration energy and instantly turning what it touches into a type of sound board. The thinner the material and bigger and more hollow the object, the louder the sound!  Just WOW!

Try sticking the speaker attachment onto windows, doors, cars, styrofoam boxes, your laptop, printer or even on a coffee cup or pizza box! Having a BBQ in the garden? Why not attach the BoomBox v2 onto a trashcan or solo cup to get the party started and have a blast! Kids love it and will explore places you probably never dreamed of to try them out.  You’re only limited by your imagination.

And when the sticking section gets dirty, merely wipe down with a damp cloth or place a piece of tape over and peel off to regain 90% of its sticking power.

And of course, These Make the Best Gifts!

Suitable for any age, choose from four colors, there is a BoomBox styled for everybody. They make great Christmas and birthday presents and are ideal for ‘hard to buy for’ friends!

*Color options may vary.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review