Nailritz Tips


Nailritz nail polish pens are fun and easy for anyone to use!

Easy Tips for Beautiful Nails

1. Shake bottle prior to use.
2. Holding the nail polish bottle upright, twist off cap to expose paintbrush.
3. Use the paint brush to apply a full coat of a base color to your nails.
4. Twist cap back on and pull the top cap off, exposing the microtip pen.
5. Gently squeeze the plastic bottle and use the micro tip pen to draw simple dots or fine lines to your nails.
6. To protect your designs, apply Nailritz Clear Base and Top Coat. 

Some Do's and Don'ts are Explained in this video:

Some Fun with Crackle Colors!

Making Cute Bunnies




Keep nail polish pens clean from old dry polish by simply dipping the microtip pen in a sponge type nail polish remover and wipe clean.


To clean microtip pen, place the supplied needle into the tip several times and unclog pen tip (included in the instructional design booklet)