Stafford Enterprises keeps our relationship with you going strong. Here we have included common questions and answers for our most popular brands.

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2014-06-05-stafford-staffent-logo-web-green-sm.jpg Stafford Enterprise Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does customer account remember my credit card information?
A: No, per PCI compliance we do not save any credit card information within our software. When a customer orders from Staffent.com the sensitive credit card information is encrypted and sent directly to the payment gateway, who then sends the funds to the merchant account each time.

Q: I lost the information Booklet for my product, how can I another copy?
A: If you can open a PDF file, we have many useful documents stored at our product support portal:    HTTP://STAFFENT.COM/PRODUCT-SUPPORT 

Q: I've had so much fun on my Wiggle Racer the tires are wearing down.  Can I order Wiggle Racer Parts here?
A: These Wiggle Racers are very durable and never meant to see a land fill.  Keep ordering parts for your Wiggle Racer and the fun can last for generations.  Here: www.staffent.com/wiggle-racer-parts/

nailritz-logo-centered.png Nailritz Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does the nail polish last?
A: Nailritz is a professional nail polish and should last weeks, however it is best to preserve your nail art design with a Nailritz prime base and finishing top coat.

Q: Does your nail polish have harmful chemicals?
A: Nailritz is free from formaldehyde, toluene, and phthalates (DBP)

Q: Why does my nail polish flow out of the microtip pen so quickly?
A: Too much air is trapped inside the bottle. Simply twist the cap off (paintbrush section) and gently squeeze the plastic bottle to push the polish toward the top of the bottle. Without releasing your squeezing pressure replace the lid and you are ready to go.

Q: I just purchased a new set of Nailritz nail art pens and the paint looks runny. Why?
A: In manufacturing, the tips are coated with a lubricant to prevent the paint from drying inside the microtip during transit time. All you need to do is use your nail art pen tips a few times and it will take care of the problem.

Q: How do I clean my Nailritz pens?
A: Cleaning your Nailritz nail art pens is easy. Simply dip the microtip pen in a sponge type nail polish remover and wipe clean.

Q: Can I use Nailritz on acrylic or gel nails?
A: Yes.

Q: How long does my nail art take to dry?
A: Two to three minutes depending on the thickness of the nail polish coat.

tigerjaw-header.png Tiger Jaw Frequently Asked Questions  

Q: My Tiger Jaw lopper sometimes doesn't cut effectively
A: Effective use of the Action handle vs. the Static handle is key to productive use of your new tool.  The static handle does not have a blade attached and is in fact directly a part of the gripping jaw.  When exercising the ratchet action do not move this static handle, only operating the Action handle attached to the blade can you easily and effectively cut through your material.  Once, familiar with these motions you will be expertly operating the tool.

Q: Help my blade is stuck in a limb!
A: Getting your blade stuck is not an uncommon problem, lets be sure though to NEVER twist your tool to get the blade unstuck from branches.  Twisting motion on a stuck blade could damage or snap the carbon steel blade. Instead, use a rocking motion in the direction of the cut to get the blade unstuck.

Q: Sap is starting to accumulate on my blade, what can I do to get rid of the goo?
A: Clean tool blades and the racheting mechanism with Goo Gone™ or WD-40™ to lubricate, remove sticky sap build-up and prevent surface oxidation.

Q: I cant remember how big a limb I am supposed to be able to cut with my Tiger Jaw?
A: You can only cut through a branch if it fits completely in the jaws of the tool. Do not try to cut oversized branches.