TheraTouchPro Elite II

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TheraTouchPRO Elite II Shiatsu Massager : Japanese Shiatsu Therapy

Feel great with the top of the line in Shiatsu massage & wellness! TheraTouchPRO Elite II is perfect for cool downs and warm ups for muscles before and after a work out. Even before and after a long day of work or physical activity. 

The TheraTouchPRO Elite II is an all over heated body shiatsu massager built into a small, portable model. The massager has four rotating balls that alternate. These rollers have sensors that detect if you have a knot, they will alternate direction of rotation more frequently in order to work out that knot. When using your massager, you can choose to have the heat function on or toggle off the heat by using the top button on the arm of the device (control). The TheraTouchPRO Elite II is more than just a back massager. As long as you ensure the zipper is facing up, the sensors will detect knots and the massager will maintain proper working conditions.

Portable and versatile, the TheraTouchPRO Elite II can be used on your neck shoulders, legs and thighs. Begin this year with the top of the line in health and wellness with the TheraTouchPRO Elite II Shiatsu Massager. 

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review