Casada Maxiwell III

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Casada Maxiwell III (CASA-MAXI)
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Casada Maxiwell III (CASA-MAXI)

In the new massager Maxiwell III the massage heads normally made from plastic are substituted

with heads of Genuine Jade. The natural powers of jade are increased by an integrated heating system.

The massage will be intensified by sending healing warmth into the depths of the muscles.

The heat is permeating through the stone slowly and is only noticeable after a few minutes.

During this heating phase the tissue is already being relaxed by the rotating movement of the

massage heads and surface hardening and tension are being released. The optional vibration a

lso allows for the stimulation of the circulation and lymphatic system. Blood circulation is effectively

improved and the purification facilitated. A precise and pleasant massage is achieved by the three

illuminated massage arms and focused vibration. eve is easily and safely applied to individual areas

of the body like, the back, neck, arms and legs. The massage stimulates the circulation and relieves

hardened muscles and enhances blood circulation. This revitalizes the body and activates new energy.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review